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The Psychological Significance of Marriage: Why Get Married Anyway?

Marriage is a revered institution that has shaped societies and individuals for centuries. It represents love, commitment, and partnership for many, while others view it with scepticism. In this blog, we will explore both sides of the coin, weighing the pros and cons of marriage to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right path for you. Additionally, we’ll emphasise the importance of considering these factors during the wedding planning stage or even before, and how a counsellor like Holly from Holly Faye Counselling can help navigate these complexities.

The Psychological Significance of Marriage: Why Get Married Anyway? | Holly Faye Counselling

The Benefits of Marriage

Love and Companionship:

At its core, marriage often begins with love and the desire for a lifelong partnership. It signifies a deep connection and companionship with another person, fostering emotional intimacy and support.

Legal and Financial Benefits:

Marriage provides various legal and financial advantages, such as tax breaks, inheritance rights, and shared health insurance. These benefits can enhance your financial security and stability.

Family and Social Support:

Marriage often enjoys social and familial support, providing a sense of belonging and community. It can strengthen relationships with extended family members and create a supportive network.

Commitment and Accountability:

The commitment of marriage encourages accountability within the relationship. Couples are more likely to work through challenges and seek counselling or therapy when needed, promoting personal growth and emotional resilience.

Shared Goals and Growth:

Marriage often involves shared goals and aspirations, promoting personal growth and development. Couples collaborate to achieve common objectives, which can be motivating and fulfilling.

Emotional Benefits:

Studies have shown that married individuals often report higher levels of overall well-being and lower rates of depression compared to their unmarried counterparts. The emotional support within a marriage can contribute to happiness and life satisfaction.

Considerations Before Saying “I Do”

Loss of Independence:

Marriage can sometimes lead to a perceived loss of personal independence. Shared decision-making, especially regarding finances and living arrangements, can require compromise that some may find limiting.

Legal and Financial Risks:

Merging finances in marriage can result in shared responsibility for each other’s debts and financial decisions. In the event of divorce, legal proceedings can be complex and costly.

Pressure and Expectations:

Social and family expectations related to marriage can create pressure to marry, potentially leading to hasty decisions that aren’t in the best interest of the individuals involved.

Divorce Rates and Relationship Instability:

High divorce rates in many countries can discourage individuals from marrying, as they worry about relationship instability and the emotional and financial toll of divorce.

Fear of Commitment:

Some individuals have a fear of lifelong commitment and may feel intimidated by the idea of marriage. They prefer more flexible relationship arrangements.

Unequal Power Dynamics:

Critics argue that marriage can perpetuate traditional gender roles and unequal power dynamics within relationships, which may not align with modern notions of gender equality.


The decision to get married is deeply personal and should be based on individual values, goals, and circumstances. Understanding the pros and cons of marriage can help you make an informed choice. Importantly, these considerations should be part of your wedding planning stage or even before you decide to marry. Seeking guidance from a counsellor such as Holly from Holly Faye Counselling can be immensely beneficial in navigating these complexities, addressing concerns, and ensuring a healthy and fulfilling marital journey. Whether you choose to embrace the institution of marriage or opt for alternative relationship structures, what matters most is finding a path that aligns with your vision of love, commitment, and personal fulfillment.