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Bridal Counselling Services

bridal counselling services

discover strength, confidence and happiness in this life milestone

At Holly Faye Counselling, I offer a range of services designed to support women in their unique journeys. 

Whether you’re seeking guidance through the complexities of wedding planning, navigating life’s transitions, or participating in the customised Bridal Counselling Program, I am here to help you every step of the way.

If You're Tired of Doing it Alone

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Individual Bridal Counselling Sessions | Holly Faye Counsellling

Individual Bridal Counselling Sessions: Empowering you for a happier wedding journey

Seeking calm before your big day? I offer a safe space to tackle your concerns and develop anxiety management strategies. Together, we’ll find peace of mind by identifying underlying causes, learning relaxation techniques, and improving self-confidence. Reach out for a consultation and let me support you in making the lead-up to your big day a fulfilling experience. Choose as many sessions as you like.

$150 per 50 minute session


6 week Bridal Anxiety Counselling Program: Helping you to transform wedding planning stress into positive change

In my intensive 6 session program, I share evidence-based techniques to support you to manage anxiety and improve your overall mental health to help you be your best on your wedding day. Topics can be your choice.
Here is an example of what we can cover over 6 weeks:

Week 1: Introduction and Assessment
Week 2: Managing Family Conflicts
Week 3: Financial Planning
Week 4: Body Image and Self-Esteem
Week 5: Bridal Party Dynamics
Week 6: Wedding Day Anxiety and Post-Wedding Transitions

$799 for 6 x 50 minute sessions

We can also tailor a program to meet your specific needs.  Additional topics we can visit can be:

Let's get started

If you’re interested in my Bridal Anxiety Counselling Program, please contact me to schedule a consultation. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on the path to managing your anxiety and building a happy, healthy marriage.

Therapy Interventions

I understand that life transitions can be challenging for you. That’s why I offer a range of therapies to help you navigate these changes with grace and resilience.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This therapy can help you develop acceptance and mindfulness skills to navigate difficult emotions and challenges during life transitions. It encourages you to accept your thoughts and feelings without judgment, and to commit to taking positive action towards your goals.


Narrative therapy can help you explore your life stories and gain a new perspective on your experiences. It can help you develop a sense of empowerment and resilience as you navigate new roles and identities.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (msbr)

MBSR can help you manage stress related to life transitions by teaching you to focus on the present moment, without judgment. It can help you become more aware of your emotions and reactions and learn to respond to situations in a more effective and calm manner.

Cognitive-behaviourial therapy (cbt)

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) can provide you with coping strategies to manage anxiety and depression related to life transitions. We’ll work with you to change negative thoughts and behaviours that contribute to emotional distress.

LIfe Transition Counselling Sessions | Services | Holly Faye Counselling

Life Transition Counselling: Supporting You Through Change and Growth

Feeling overwhelmed by life’s changes? You don’t need to be getting married to receive my support. I offer counselling to help you through any transformative moment. Together, we’ll explore your emotions, gain clarity, and develop strategies for confident navigation. Whether it’s relationship dynamics, or any other unexpected challenges, I provide a safe space for you. Addressing stress, resilience, self-care, and overall well-being, we’ll tackle issues like loss, decision-making, and adapting to new roles. Uncover underlying factors, develop coping strategies, and enhance emotional resilience. Let’s create a roadmap for your future, empowering you to thrive amidst change. Don’t face it alone—schedule a consultation to discover how my counselling services can guide you towards a fulfilling life journey.

$150 per 50 minute session

Pink Line Asset | Holly Faye Counselling

Counselling That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your Choice, Your Comfort:

Online Counselling | Holly Faye Counselling


Enjoy the conveniece of online counselling

Experience the accessibility and flexibility of online counselling, where you can connect with me from the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to logistical barriers like transportation and scheduling conflicts, and connect with me over zoom or phone.  

Walk & Talk Counselling Sessions | Holly Faye Counsellilng

walk & talk

Reap the benefits of walk and talk counselling

Take the opportunity to meet with me in a private and comfortable office setting in Wheelers Hill. This allows for a more personal connection between us if you prefer working through issues face-to-face. Contact me to learn how I can help you have a more enjoyable wedding planning experience. 

Face to Face Counselling Sessions | Holly Faye Counselling

face to face

Experience the personal connection

Take the opportunity to meet with me in a private and comfortable office setting in Wheelers Hill. This allows for a more personal connection between us if you prefer working through issues face-to-face.

The Process




Select from individual bridal counselling sessions my comprehensive 6-week counselling program or the life transition option to begin your personalised journey towards a stress-free and joy-filled experience


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Reach out to me today to discuss your needs and preferences. I’m here to answer any questions and guide you towards the option that best suits your unique requirements.  Or simply make your first appointment below


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Embark on a transformative experience as I provide you with personalised counselling sessions designed to address your concerns, offer guidance, and empower you on your wedding planning journey. Let’s start creating the wedding of your dreams together.

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